Top 8 Low Carb Options at Chipotle Mexican Grill For Keto Diet

There aren’t too many casual fast-food dining restaurants in the United States more popular than Chipotle Mexican Grill. Drawing millions of people in every year, Chipotle lets its customers customize their orders to suit exactly what they want to eat. 

This is great for anybody with specific food requirements or individuals trying to stick to a low-carb, keto diet. 

Top 8 Low Carb Options at Chipotle Mexican Grill For Keto Diet

Eating here is super easy as you can choose a low-carb option before adjusting it to suit your keto diet even more. Hearty salads and paleo bowls are just two of the options available to you.

Today, we want to show you the best options you have to choose from when eating at Chipotle if you’re following a low-carb, keto diet.

Here are the top low carb options you can order at Chipotle in order from the lowest carb to highest, based on the website’s nutrition calculator. Let us show you what you can order and how to order it in preparation for your next visit!

The Keto Salad Bowl

The fact the lowest carb option at Chipotle is called the keto salad bowl would suggest it is absolutely perfect for anybody following a keto diet. Judging by the nutritional information found on Chipotle’s website, it most definitely is. 

Containing 590 calories, the bowl only contains 15 g of carbs. This accounts for approximately 17% of the overall meal, making it a great option. A healthy chipotle option, the salad also contains 42 g of fat and 32 g of protein.

In terms of ingredients, this tasty salad comes with chicken or steak, red chili salsa, romaine lettuce, carnitas, Monterey jack cheese, and guacamole.

What To Ask For: A keto salad bowl and your choice of steak and chicken.

Burrito Bowl – Steak

Next, we have Chipotle’s burrito bowl with steak. In Chipotle, going for an option that doesn’t have any sauce is a great way to cut back on carbs. 

When it comes to building your burrito bowl, you can choose between chicken, steak, and sofritas. The sofritas add 6 g of carbs to the bowl, while steak and chicken only add 5 grams of carbs.

With this in mind, we recommend going for the steak option. If you choose a burrito bowl with steak, no shell, tomato salsa, romaine lettuce, sour cream, and guacamole, you can expect the bowl to have just 16 g of carbs and 520 calories.

The bowl will also contain 27 g of fat, 25 g of protein, and 9 g of fiber.

What To Ask For: A steak burrito bowl, guacamole, tomato salsa, sour cream, and romaine lettuce. Be sure to hold back on the beans and rice.

Burrito Bowl – Beanless

To make life easier for customers following low-carb, keto diets, Chipotle has a burrito option that comes without the beans and tortilla shell. This gives you a quick and easy way to order your burrito bowl without answering too many questions. 

Giving you the chance to enjoy a burrito without carbs, a beanless bowl without the shell consists of fajita veggies, chicken, and queso. This will only cost you 325 calories and 10 g of carbs. This burrito bowl also contains less fat, 12 grams less than the steak burrito bowl to be exact. 

The beanless bowl also contains 39 g of protein and 2.5 g of fiber.

In regards to your daily intake of vitamins, this bowl contains 45% Vitamin A, 22% Calcium, 12% Iron, and 72% Vitamin C.

What To Ask For: The burrito bowl (beanless) with fajita veggies, queso, and chicken. Only ask for the rice if they have the low-carb cauliflower rice available.

Build A Salad – Half Vegetables, Half Chicken

One great way to keep the carbs to a minimum, but still enjoy the delicious food Chipotle has on offer is to build your own salad. By picking plenty of low-carb vegetables and chicken, you can treat yourself to a tasty meal that is high in vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, and low in carbs.

Making the salad with chicken, vegetables, lettuce greens, Monterey jack cheese, guacamole, and fajita veggies will leave you with a salad that contains just 17 g of carbs and 465 calories. The salad will also contain 26 g of protein, 9 g of fiber, and 33.5 g of fat. 

The carbohydrates in this salad only account for 22% of the overall calories. 

What To Ask For: Half vegetable, half chicken salad with fajita veggies, guacamole, Monterey jack cheese, and lettuce greens.

Build Your Own Taco Salad

Taco shells contain too many carbs for a low-carb, keto diet, but thanks to Chipotle’s build-your-own bowls and salads, you can create your very own taco salad, enjoying the best bits of a Chipotle taco but without the carbs.

To make a taco salad at Chipotle, you need to build a salad with guacamole, carnitas, tomato salsa, Monterey jack cheese, sour cream, and superfood greens (lettuce). 

Once this salad has been made, you’ll be left with a healthy alternative that only contains 18 g of carbs. This may still seem high, but with the taco shell too, things would be much worse.

Containing 22.5 g of protein, 45 g of fat, and 9 g of fiber, this salad will only set you back 595 calories. Only 21% of those calories will be from carbohydrates.

What To Ask For: Ask for your salad with guacamole, tomato salsa, carnitas, sour cream, and Monterey jack cheese.

Salad Bowl – Whole30

Next up, we have another one of Chipotle’s salads, this time the Whole30. Coming with chicken, low-carb vegetables (bell peppers and onions), guacamole, salsa, and lettuce, this salad is still relatively low in carbs. 

The Whole30 is not only a good option for individuals on a keto diet but also for anyone that can’t eat dairy.

Top 8 Low Carb Options at Chipotle Mexican Grill For Keto Diet

The salad contains just 495 calories, of which 24% are carbohydrates. There are 19 g of carbs in this salad, as well as 34 g of fat, 27 g of protein, and 9 g of fiber.

Chipotle’s Whole30 salad also contains 92% RDV Vitamin A, 111% Vitamin C, 24% Iron, and 9% Calcium.

What To Ask For: The Whole30 with steak or chicken.

Paleo Salad Bowl

If you’re in need of a tasty low-carb, keto-friendly, dairy-free option at Chipotle, the paleo salad is a top choice. 

Easily one of the best healthy options Chipotle has, the paleo salad comes with fajita vegetables, chicken, a blend of super green lettuce, guacamole, and a beautiful chili salsa.

Overall, this option contains 21 g of carbs. This is quite a lot more than other options, but if you’re looking for a good cheat meal without breaking your diet, it’s a strong choice. The carbs in this dish make up 27% of the total calories, of which there are 445. 

The paleo salad bowl also contains 29 g of fat, 28 g of protein, and 9 g of fiber.

What To Ask For: A paleo salad and your choice of chicken or steak.

Build A Vegetarian Salad

The last low-carb, keto-friendly Chipotle option on our list is the build a vegetarian salad option. Not everyone eats meat or wants a meat option when they eat out. For those people, this Chipotle option is ideal.

Making yourself this keto-friendly option not only leaves the meat out but also reduces the number of carbs you eat in a normal salad. 

Making your own salad with pinto beans, vegetables (add guacamole), and queso, is your best bet. A salad containing these ingredients will contain 480 calories, 33 g of carbs, 31.5 g of fat, 16 g of protein, and 14.5 g of fiber. 

This option does have carbs that account for 41% of the overall calories but compared to other vegetarian salads it’s a very good option.

What To Ask For: Salad bowl with guacamole, vegetables, queso, and pinto beans. Hold back on the rice.


Chipotle is a great place to eat if you’re trying to follow a low-carb, keto diet as they have dedicated options such as the keto salad which only comes with 7 g of carbs.

Aside from these specific choices, Chipotle makes it very easy for its customers to customize their meals in order to fit their needs and requirements. This makes it much easier for you to enjoy the food you like without having to break your diet. 

Chipotle also has a number of dairy-free options which is always a nice touch for those who also avoid eating any dairy-based products. 

Now you know what to expect when visiting Chipotle if you’re on a keto diet, why not plan your next visit and the tasty option you’re going to ask for. We’re sure you won’t leave disappointed. 

Anna Kadance