Top 10 Low Carb Options at Subway For Keto Diet

Enjoyed by millions all around the world, not just in America, Subway is a much-loved fast-food eatery with a long list of fabulous food options.

Top 10 Low Carb Options at Subway For Keto Diet

Primarily selling their famous sandwiches known as “subs”, Subway also sells wraps, salads, breakfast sandwiches, and plenty of snacks. Popular snacks include cookies and chips.

One great thing about Subway is that it is super easy to opt for a low-carb, keto-friendly option. Whether you’re following a strict keto diet or simply want a healthy bite to eat at lunch, Subway has something for everyone.

For low-carb, keto diets, choosing a sub without bread or a salad are just two of the options available. In this post, we want to show you just how many low-carb options Subway has. 

Here are the top ten low carb options you can order at Subway in order from the lowest carb to the highest, based on the nutrition information on the website.

Explore your options in this post if you want to pick the best option for your keto diet next time you visit the restaurant.

Combo Salad – Cold Cut

The best option in Subway when it comes to low carbs is the combo salad. Also known as the cold cut salad, if you choose this option, you can expect a salad packed with salami, ham, bologna, and lettuce. Every meat in the salad is turkey-based. 

Dressing, cheese, and veggies are all things you can add to the salad as you make your way along the counter. 

To keep carbs low, asking for Mozzarella cheese, red onions, black olives, red wine vinegar, and oil is your best bet. This salad would only contain 290 calories and 9 g of carbs.

What To Ask For: Ask for the combo salad (cold cut) with black olives, Mozzarella cheese, red onions, red wine vinegar, and oil.

Chicken Salad – Rotisserie Style

Subway’s chicken salad (rotisserie-style) is topped with lettuce greens and a delicious pulled chicken.

While the salad tastes great on its own, we strongly recommend filling your salad bowl up with a variety of low-carb veggies. This will add to the overall flavor of the salad and give you more antioxidants and fiber.

Ordering this salad with green peppers, spinach, red onions, cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, and a wine vinaigrette will leave you with a lunch that only contains 12 g of carbs and less than 400 calories. 

This is perfect for any low-carb, keto diet.

What To Ask For: Chicken salad (rotisserie-style) with the veggies of your choosing and a wine or oil vinaigrette. Hold back on any sides. 

Ham Salad – Black Forest

Next, we have Subway’s ham salad. Commonly referred to as the black forest salad, this fresh salad includes ham, cheese, lettuce, and a wide variety of other cheeses and vegetables. 

Despite being quite big in size, this tasty salad typically only contains 260 calories, 13 g of carbs, 17 g of fat, and 16 g of protein. This makes it a very good option for anyone wanting to enjoy a tasty lunch treat without breaking their keto diet. 

Asking for the salad with olives, green peppers, Monterey cheese, red onions, spinach, tomatoes, and a red wine vinaigrette is the healthiest option when it comes to a keto diet.

What To Ask For: A black forest ham salad, low-carb vegetables of your choosing, a wine vinaigrette, and Monterey cheese.

Club Salad

Subway’s club salad comes with roast beef, turkey breast, ham, and egg. All of these ingredients sit on top of a bed of fresh salad greens and other vegetables you like. Some customers also like to add a dressing and some cheese.

If you were to order the traditional club salad, you can expect to receive a hearty salad that contains 13 g of carbs, 290 calories, 21 g of protein, and 18 g of fat. This will fit most low-carb, keto diets perfectly.

What To Ask For: The club salad, black olives, Monterey cheese, green peppers, cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes, spinach, and a red wine vinaigrette. 

The Italian B.M.T (Big, Meaty, Tasty Salad)

Consisting of pepperoni, black forest ham, lettuce greens, and salami, the big, meaty, tasty, Italian salad served at Subway is one of the most popular options on the menu. 

Completed with a wide range of fresh, low-carb vegetables of your choosing, this salad won’t ruin your diet, giving you the chance to eat out with friends but still control yourself. 

The standard Italian B.M.T contains just under 400 calories and 14 g of carbohydrates. It does contain more fat than other salads, 28 grams to be exact, but it still comes with a decent amount of protein (18 grams). 

What To Ask For: The Italian Big, Meaty, Tasty salad, Mozzarella cheese, low-carb vegetables, and an oil dressing. 

Small Turkey Slider

The next low-carb, keto-friendly option Subway has to offer is the small turkey slider. Those who ask for this option will receive a beautiful bread roll smothered in mayo and stuffed with roasted, super tasty turkey breast and peppered cheese.

According to Subway’s nutritional information, one slider should contain 200 calories and 17 g of carbs. 

This option may have more carbs, but you can eliminate them if necessary. To do this, order the slider without the bread or mayo.

What To Ask For: Ask for a small turkey slider without the bread. You could ask for two if you’re feeling extra hungry. 

Chicken And Bacon Salad With Ranch Dressing

Subway’s chicken and bacon salad with ranch dressing comes with bacon, roast chicken, lettuce salad greens, Monterey cheese, and of course a ranch dressing. 

When ordered with green peppers, cucumbers, black olives, red onions, tomatoes, and spinach, the salad will contain 15 g of carbs (11 g net carbs) and 460 calories. This salad also contains a whopping 32 g of protein, so it could be your best option if you have a protein goal to reach.

What To Ask For: A ranch salad with chicken and bacon, your choice of low-carb vegetables, cheese, and any other low-calorie toppings you want. Bear your carb intake in mind when picking any extra toppings.

Ultimate Subway Steak Sandwich

Subway has a massively popular sandwich called the ultimate Subway steak sandwich. However, despite its popularity, they don’t actually list what’s in it on their website. 

Having said that, we do know its nutritional value. This sandwich contains 42 g of carbs, 600 calories, 31 g of protein, and 35 g of fat.

This is too much for a low-carb diet, but by holding back on the bread and sauces that come with the sandwich, you should be able to reduce the number of carbs and calories.

Make sure your sandwich comes with meat, veggies, and cheese.

What To Ask For: Ask for an ultimate Subway steak sandwich with a range of veggies, no sauce, and no bread. 

The Breakfast Sandwich (Egg, Steak, And Cheese)

Despite containing more carbs and calories than other options available at Subway, a breakfast sandwich is a good choice because it doesn’t contain any sauce. 

Top 10 Low Carb Options at Subway For Keto Diet (1)

If you want your cheat meal at Subway, this could be a great choice. 

Inside your breakfast sandwich, you’ll find steak, egg, and American cheese. This is all served on an artisan flatbread. There is a foot-long and 6-inch sandwich to choose from. 

In terms of nutritional value, the breakfast sandwich contains 450 calories, 46 g of carbs, 28 g of protein, and 18 g of fat. Almost all the carbs can be eliminated from this sandwich by opting for no bread. 

What To Ask For: Steak, egg, and cheese sandwich without the bread.

Turkey And Bacon Wrap With Guacamole

The final low-carb option at Subway is the turkey and bacon wrap with guacamole. In all honesty, even when adjustments are made, it is very unlikely that anyone on a low-carb, keto diet can enjoy this wrap. 

The wrap contains bacon, sliced turkey, guacamole, provolone cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, and a ranch dressing.

The wrap contains 760 calories and 59 g of carbs. Even when the bread is removed and the sauce is changed for vinegar instead, the wrap will still contain 49 g of carbs.

What To Ask For: A turkey and bacon wrap with guacamole, but without the bread. Subway will serve this to you like a salad or wrap it in lettuce instead. 

Final Thoughts

Subway offers a casual dining experience and plenty of options when it comes to personalizing your food to suit your diet. In this post, we have shown you the top 10 low-carb options Subway offers and what to expect. 

While most options are perfectly fine the way they are, there are others that changes will have to be made in order for them to be keto-friendly. 

Generally speaking, your best bet is to go with a salad with lots of meat and veggies. However, if you want to go for a wrap instead, simply try your best to remove the bread or any high-carb sauces. 

Now you have this list at your disposal, why don’t you plan out what you’ll have the next time you stop at Subway for something to eat.

Anna Kadance