Top 11 Low Carb Options at Sonic Drive-In for Keto Diet

Commonly referred to as Sonic’s, Sonic Drive-In is a hugely popular American fast-food chain with an extensive menu.

Operating in 46 restaurants across the states, from the whole of Sonic’s menu, the most popular options tend to be burgers, chili dogs, fries, and corn dogs.

Top 11 Low Carb Options at Sonic Drive-In for Keto Diet

These options all taste great, but can’t be ordered by anyone following a keto diet. This causes problems, especially if you have no other options available to you. Luckily, there are 11 options on the Sonic menu that can be adapted and adjusted to suit a keto diet.

If you’re following a keto diet, you’re going to want to know about each one and what to ask for. That’s why we’ve put together this post. 

Despite Sonic being a fast-food joint, it is still possible to find low-carb options that help you follow your keto diet. We want to show you each one.

Here are the best low-carb dishes to try on a keto diet. We’ll show you what to expect and how to order each one ready for your next visit.


Also known as the Sonic Cheeseburger, this cheeseburger is one of the lowest carb options you can order at Sonic. The cheeseburger here comes with a 100% beef patty, American cheese, onions, pickles, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and plenty of seasonings. 

You will also be given your favorite choice of sauce. This could be ketchup, mayo, or mustard. 

Sonic’s cheeseburger contains 600 calories without any sauce. With ketchup, the burger jumps up to 680 calories. 

Unfortunately, the only real way you can make this burger fit your keto diet is by ordering it without the ketchup and bun. These two ingredients increase the number of carbs in the dish dramatically.

What To Ask For: The cheeseburger, but without a bun or ketchup.

SuperSonic Double Cheeseburger With Bacon

Next, we have Sonic’s double cheeseburger with bacon. As you would expect, this burger comes with two 100% beef quarter-pound hamburgers, American cheese, crispy bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, and creamy mayo.

Like the Sonic cheeseburger, the bun needs to be removed if you want to keep to your keto diet. With the bun, this double cheeseburger contains a whopping 770 calories. Removing the bun will not only make the burger healthier but also reduce the number of carbs you eat.

What To Ask For: The SuperSonic double cheeseburger with bacon, without the bun.

Double Cheeseburger – Quarter Pound

The double cheeseburger doubles the taste, giving customers the best American classic experience. Coming with two juicy beef hamburgers, American cheese, ketchup, mustard, grilled onions, and pickles, this burger also happens to be one of the lowest-calorie options on Sonic’s menu, not just one of the lowest carb options.

Containing just 570 calories, you could enjoy this burger as a cheat meal or without the bun to cut back on carbs.

What To Ask For: The double cheeseburger (quarter pound) minus the bun.

Chicken Sandwich – Grilled

Grilled meats are great when it comes to being high in protein and low in carbohydrates. This makes them perfect for low-carb, keto diets. To keep carbs low when visiting Sonic’s, you should consider ordering the chicken sandwich which comes with grilled chicken.

Each sandwich comes with a 100% white chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, and a hot brioche bun.

Another great option for anyone also looking to cut down on calories, this grilled sandwich only contains 470 calories. 

What To Ask For: A chicken sandwich (grilled), but without a brioche bun.

The Ultimate Breakfast Burrito – Meat And Cheese

The next low-carb option Sonic Drive-In has to offer is their ultimate breakfast burrito. Perfect for any meat-eater looking for a quick breakfast that won’t ruin their keto diet, Sonic’s meat and cheese burrito comes packed with sausage, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese sauce, tots, and a warm tortilla wrap. 

The ultimate breakfast burrito does have 840 calories, but simple adjustments can be made to reduce the numbers. By removing the tortilla wrap and golden tots, you can massively reduce the number of calories and carbs.

What To Ask For: The ultimate breakfast burrito minus the tortilla wrap and golden tots. 

Breakfast Burrito

If you want to cut down on calories and carbs without sacrificing taste and enjoyment, why not try the standard breakfast burrito Sonic sells.

This simple burrito contains melted cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, sausages, or a beautiful ham. All of these ingredients are wrapped in a tortilla wrap. 

The breakfast burrito contains 500 calories if it contains sausage and 440 if it has ham, making it a much more suitable option for anyone following a keto diet. 

What To Ask For: The breakfast burrito. Remove the wrap if you still want to cut carbs down.

SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito

Top 11 Low Carb Options at Sonic Drive-In for Keto Diet

Offering everything you could ever possibly want from a burrito, Sonic’s SuperSonic breakfast burrito is somehow one of the restaurant’s lowest-carb options. 

Despite coming with sausage, scrambled eggs, cheese, tomatoes, golden tots, jalapenos, and onions, you will find many more options on the menu that contain more carbs and calories than this dish.

The warm tortilla is a non-ketogenic that can be removed if you wish to remove some carbs. If you decide to go with the full wrap, it will set you back 610 calories. 

What To Ask For: The SuperSonic breakfast burrito minus the wrap. You could also ask for the crisp bacon bowl. 

Breakfast Toaster

Another one of Sonic Drive-In’s lowest-carb options is the breakfast toaster. Giving you the choice between crispy bacon, ham, and sausage, this meal is stacked on a thick toast before being served with a side of scrambled eggs.

As if that wasn’t enough, this tasty treat also comes with loads of melted cheese.

The calories and carbs this dish contains will depend on the meat you choose. If you go for ham, it will contain 540 calories. With bacon, it will contain 610, and with sausage, you can expect approximately 720 calories. Removing the toast will make the meal more keto-friendly.

What To Ask For: You will want to order the breakfast toaster minus the toast. 

Quarter Pound Coney – Footlong

Sonic Drive-In’s incredibly filling, flavor-packed hot dogs come with grilled hot dogs, melted cheddar, a warm chili, and a fresh warm bun. 

The footlong coney contains a massive 790 calories making it unsuitable for anyone dieting. However, when the bun is removed, this option can make a good choice for someone attempting to eat out but still stick to their diet. 

What To Ask For: The Footlong coney minus the bun. Add some grilled onions if you want to make things even nicer. 

American Dog

Next up, we have the American dog. This American classic is incredibly popular and with good reason. Made with the most amazing beef, this hot dog is by no means a plain option. Grilled perfectly, this hot dog is completed with ketchup, relish, chopped onions, and a relish. 

This option is also presented in a fresh warm bun.

The American dog contains 410 calories, which can be reduced along with the number of carbs by removing the ketchup and bun. 

What To Ask For: The American dog but without the ketchup and bun. You may wish to add a ranch dressing to your order too.

Chili Cheese Coney

The final Sonic option on our list is the chili cheese coney. A spicier type of hot dog, this option features a grilled beef dog that comes with a lovely chili and melted cheese. Again, this hot dog comes with a warm, freshly baked bun.

This hot dog has 470 calories. This number as well as the number of carbs can be reduced by asking for the hot dog bunless. 

What To Ask For: The Chili cheese coney minus the bun.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, Sonic’s top 11 low-carb options for keto diets. As you can see from the 11 options we have looked at, following a keto diet when eating at Sonic’s isn’t easy. In fact, it’s actually quite awkward.

There are no keto options that can be grabbed to go. Instead, you have to adapt and adjust your order to make it more suitable. This involves removing buns, cutting back on sauces, and avoiding any sides.

Now you have these options at your disposal, why not think about what you’ll have the next time you visit Sonic. Sticking to grilled chicken or naked burritos is your best bet!


Anna Kadance