Diet Memes – Funny Images That Anyone Dieting Can Relate To

Dieting can be difficult. When you undertake a diet, you have to follow strict guidelines about what you can eat. For some people, this means that they can no longer consume their favorite foods.

Diet Memes – Funny Images That Anyone Dieting Can Relate To

Yet, diets are important, as they enable you to live a healthy lifestyle. They can allow people to lose weight. Research has shown that undertaking can enhance your heart and gut health.

Moreover, diets can reduce your chances of developing cancer. Finally, having a balanced diet can also improve your mental health.

To help you get through your diet, here are some diet-related memes. Memes are designed to make people laugh and feel happy. Here are the top memes for dieters to relate to.

“I’m Gonna Eat Healthy” Meme

Sticking to a diet can be tough, especially when you see mouth-watering food. In this meme, you can see a young child looking wistfully at some cookies.

Everyone adores cookies. Unfortunately, they are not very healthy. Therefore, cookies are not often included in diets. This meme sums up the struggle of resisting food when on a diet perfectly. 

Regretful Diet Meme

Up next, this is another meme about diet motivation. This cute cat meme features a cat eating lettuce as it eats unhappily. The text jokes that people feel super motivated when they first start their diet.

However, like this cat, people become less motivated when they consume healthy food, such as lettuce. We can really relate to this meme. Plus, we find the cat to be incredibly delightful.

Sunday Carbs Meme

As much as we wish this meme was true, it sadly is not. Carbs on Sunday do count in most diets. However, having a cheat day is permitted in some diets, so perhaps you can make Sunday your cheat day.

While this meme may not be accurate, it is certainly relatable.

Pizza Slice Meme

This is a meme that pizza lovers will find hilarious. The meme says that because they are on a diet, they have gone from having 6 slices of pizza to just 3.

While this may sound like a diet, the image shows that it isn’t. The person is still consuming an entire pizza. They are merely cutting it into larger slices, having gone from 6 small slices to 3 big ones.

While we wish that dieting was this easy, the sad truth is that it requires you to reduce the number of calories that you are consuming.

“If I Had a Penny” Diet Meme

If people were given a penny for every time that they said that they would start a diet, then they would be rich.

This meme encapsulates how difficult it can be to begin a diet. After all, once you have started, most people find it manageable to continue the diet. Though most people have said that their diet will start tomorrow, few people manage to see this claim through.

Avoiding Junk Food Meme

As mentioned earlier, attempting to resist junk food during a diet can be near impossible. This meme shows someone using a cross to ward off junk food, thus implying that junk food is comparable to a demon.

This is an absolutely amusing image that anyone who has walked down a junk food aisle in a supermarket can relate to. After all, it will take extraordinary willpower to avoid this junk food.

“Dieting is Easy” Meme

As this meme demonstrates, dieting is not that easy. While it may seem easy, this diet makes some rather apt comparisons.

Each line of the meme builds in intensity, eventually comparing being on a diet to riding a bike that is on fire in hell. To us, this perfectly summarizes the pain of dieting and the struggle that many dieters endure.

Winter Body Meme

Lots of people dream of building the ideal summer body. This summer body is normally unobtainable and filled with slim bodies and lots of muscle.

This meme pokes fun at the notion of a summer body by showing what a winter body looks like. Some people end up having their winter bodies earlier than they had hoped.

However, there is nothing to be ashamed of if this happens! Instead, you should try to be lighthearted about it, much like this meme.

Dog Diet

If you are a dog lover, then this is the perfect meme for you! The image features a dog who has seemingly eaten a chunk of the wall.

The text jokes that this is what happens when someone cuts carbs and sugar out of their diet. We find the idea that someone would miss these qualities so much that they have decided to eat a wall hysterical.

What makes this meme even funnier is the dog’s expression, which is somewhat guilty, and the piece of paper it has been forced to wear which explains its crime.

Hopefully, you won’t miss carbs or sugar so much that you have to resort to eating a wall.

Beauty And The Beast Pizza Meme

Do you love the film Beauty and the Beast? If so, you’ll laugh for ages at this meme. The creator has edited a slice of pizza onto a famous shot from this movie, having replaced the enchanted rose with pizza.

The meme is making a joke about how unhealthy food, such as pizza, is almost impossible to resist. When on a diet, most people dream of being able to eat these unhealthy foods.

If you have ever been in this situation, you’ll find this meme highly relatable.

Burnt Calories Meme

Don’t you just wish that burning calories was easier? This meme promises to help you burn 800 calories in only 30 minutes. However, the picture is less promising, featuring a burned pizza.

This joke relies on the dual meaning of the word “burn”, creating a rib-tickling meme. Sadly, this pizza does not look at all appetizing after it has been burned to a crisp.

We really wish that it could be this easy to burn calories and become thinner.

Raccoon Diet Meme

Lastly, we are sure that loads of people can relate to this raccoon meme. It features a cheeky raccoon, who has seemingly stolen some food.

The accompanying text mocks how hard it is to follow the recommendation of living healthier, especially at 2 am. If you have early morning food cravings, you will connect with this magnificent meme.

Final Thoughts

With any luck, these memes will help you to motivate yourself during the diet. Looking at these entertaining diet memes will make you laugh, even when you have to eat healthy food.

If you have ever been on a diet, you are sure to relate to these hilarious memes.

Anna Kadance